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This database allows to you generate reports on the numbers of freedom of information (FOI) and environmental information regulation (EIR) requests received by Scottish public authorities and the outcomes of those requests.

The Scottish Information Commissioner set up this database to gather request data from Scottish public authorities.

Scottish public authorities are asked to submit their quarterly data directly to the database. It is not verified or checked by the Scottish Information Commissioner, and the Commissioner is not responsible for the quality or accuracy of the data. If you have any questions about an authority's data, please contact the authority directly. Information may also be available on the organisation's website.

Some authorities which work closely together will collect their data together, so some data may be combined. The database will show you where this is the case.

To generate a report, select a period you would like your report to cover. You can also select from the options below to download reports of subsets of the data. When using the Name box, you can enter the first few letters (e.g. Aber) to include all authorities which start with those letters.

If you have any questions about using this database, you can contact us:

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The Commissioner’s guidance on the submission of FOI statistics has been temporarily amended for the period covering 1 April to 30 June 2020, in response to the extension of FOI timescales within that period. Please read our Temporary Additional Guidance prior to the submission of data.

We also request that each organisation submitting statistics also responds to a small number of supplementary questions, to provide information on the impact of Covid-19 on FOI responses: Answer the supplementary questions.

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